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The Kitty Café

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The Kitty Café is a kitty dining establishment in the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon that caters to the respective tastes of the neighborhood kitties, as well as squirrels, birds, and even the occasional raccoon and possum.

The Kitty Café Livejournal Community not only serves as a forum for your thoughts and comments about the café, it's patrons, and the Kitty Café website, but is also a place to relate your own experiences with the feline species (or other aminals in your neighborhood), and generally discuss any topic, feline-related or otherwise cute. There's little restriction as to the content of posts and topics of discussion, aside from the usually expected civility and an at least loosely related subject matter.

The Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene is a very kitty-friendly, and thus kitty-populated, neighborhood, which makes it an ideal location for the Kitty Café. You can't walk a block down the street without seeing a neighborhood kitty scampering around.

Stay tuned for more Kitty Café cuteness.